Monday, 17 November 2008

Tristan at 11 months

I’ve been keeping a low profile for a while, due to illness, travel and general autumn inactivity. In the meantime our life has become rather more hectic, as Ane returned to work and Tristan began his career in day care over a month ago. We were lucky to find a suitable place for him relatively close by. It’s a smallish one of its kind: apart from Tristan there are only two other kids (both older than him). Jette, his child-minder is employed by Aalborg municipality, which gives a bit of extra security compared to private care. For example, when she’s off sick, the authorities arrange for an alternative placement.

Tristan had a relatively smooth start, but then launched into the usual succession of flu-like illnesses. Therefore he stayed home for several days, during which he got sufficiently unused to the whole idea of not being home with mum or dad all the time. Apart from the slight disappointment it caused, he’s doing very well. His latest favourite pastimes are pointing at various objects, studying photographs of family members and feeding birds in the nearby park. Since the latter interest he shares with several other kids in the neighbourhood, an average duck in our park must have a calorie intake significantly higher than that of a smaller African village.

Tristan is also getting better and better at understanding words (still relying heavily on context) and his vocalization is ever more expressive and varied. He is very happy to be with other kids, especially his twin cousins. Eating is another favourite activity. After a short spell of being rather fussy, his appetite is back to normal. He eats just about everything, and is very interested in new tastes. Ane and I simply can’t understand where he got that from. As for his physical development, he is now very steady on his feet but does not seem to be particularly keen on standing without support or walking. It looks as if for the time being he were satisfied with the means of locomotion he already masters. They certainly get him to most places he wants to (and to some we think he shouldn’t get to).