Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tristan 2.0

Last night we celebrated Tristan's second birthday. Or, to be more precise, last night as well, since we already had a test run with some friends last Saturday. And he will have at least one more mini-party, when his Hungarian grandmother gets hold of him in a few days' time.

For some peculiar reason this year's theme turned out to be 'tractor': it featured both on the classy invitation card designed by our friend Orsi and on some of the birthday cakes. (I was wondering whether Tristan's obsession with tractors had anything to do with it). But the biggest hit was undoubtedly a personalized, hand crafted children's Bible made by Orsi.

During last night's party it suddenly began snowing, and by the time the guests were leaving, enough snow had fallen to hold a mini snowball-fight in pajamas outside our building. As it is rather unusual to have snow so early in the year in Denmark, we took it as another special present for Tristan.

Otherwise we are all doing well. Tristan's speech has developed tremendously in recent weeks. He is fully bilingual (with Danish dominating). He has about a hundred active words in Hungarian and perhaps twice as many in Danish. Lately he also started producing combinations of 3-4 words, although two-word combinations are still the norm. He's experimenting more and more with his languages, mixing them in all sorts of creative ways, which is of course so much fun to hear. Some samples can be seen here.

Since my blogging lately has been rather sporadic, I guess this is also a kind of Christmas post. Right now we are busy packing, because tomorrow we're off to Hungary to spend Christmas with my mum. But we're already back in Denmark on Boxing Day to spend a few days with Anes family. So from here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.