Thursday, 18 September 2008

The haircut

Another milestone passed: Tristan had his first haircut today! It was done at home, by Karen Inger, a hairdresser in our extended family. Tristan didn't seem to mind it at all, or rather, he failed to notice that something extraordinary was going on. He might have thought that people were simply fiddling with his hair, as usual. Anyway, here is the result:



Are we soon done here?

Does it REALLY have to take so long?

Is that really me?

Hm, it's not so bad, after all...

Well done, Karen Inger!

Otherwise Tristan turned 9 months old this week. Since the last update he has learned to clap (and has been practising it very enthusiastically, see the last picture), got his fifth tooth out, and become much steadier on his feet. His vocalizing is also getting more and more varied and expressive, slowly getting ready for that first word his parents can't wait to hear.


milkmaid said...

Super cute, as always. I miss Tristan and you two. Hopefully we will see each other soon somewhere in Scandinavia.

Szilvia said...

Sziasztok! Nagyon szepek a fotok! Ki a fotos nalatok? Nem beszelve cuki Trisztanrol!!!!! Nagyon aranyos! Jo volt ralelni erre a blogra es igy hallani, latni feloletek.
Puszi mindenkinek Szilvi